CURE Training

With generous support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the CURE Consortium developed the Curating for Reproducibility (CuRe) curriculum, which is part of a standards-based training program that offers opportunities for librarians, archivists, and other data support professionals to gain the skills necessary to effectively support the research community and its imperative for reproducible research.

The CuRe Curriculum is delivered as a series of four Library Carpentry lessons.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Data Curation for Reproducibility

  1. Overview of Scientific Reproducibility
  2. Reproducibility Standards
  3. Scientific Reproducibility and the LIS Professional

Lesson 2: Curating for Reproducibilty Workflows

  1. The Data Quality Review Framework
  2. File Review
  3. Documentation Review
  4. Data Review
  5. Code Review

Lesson 3: Reproducibility Assessment

  1. Code Inspection
  2. Code Execution
  3. Code Output and Manuscript Review

Lesson 4: Compendium Packaging and Publication

  1. Compendium Packaging
  2. Terms of Use
  3. Trustworthy Repositories
  4. Special Cases